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EPP Foam MX2 (Painted Red and Black)

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The MX2 was designed by Mike Cline as a flat out 3D practice plane. It is extremely maneuverable with no bad flight characteristics. Mount the CFG's to the wing tips and it flies like it is on rails. Knife edge all day long with very little rudder input.

The version offered by OMP is a red and black paint scheme not as pictured

Flight Attributes:

  • Extreme Throws
  • High Maneuverability
  • 3D capability to the Max

Kit Contents Overview
Note: We are making these kits to order.
The current build time is 2 days for unpainted and 3 days to 1 week for painted. If you are able to order and don't run into a sold out page, that means that you are in a build group of 25 or less. This is necessary to keep us from getting over run with orders.

The parts are all cut by CNC laser from 9mm #1.3lb EPP and have alignment tabs for easier building. The kit consists of all the foam pieces pre-cut with control surfaces pre-beveled and hinges glued. Aileron servo cutout in fuse for 9 gram servo pre-cut to speed assembly. The wing spar slot is pre-cut into the bottom of the wing and elevator. Spars installation option see item details below. All Hinges and Spars Glued with Beacon Foam Tac Glue.

All flat foamies now come with the trussing for the bottom included in the kit at no extra charge.


Wing Span: 34
All up Weight: 6.5 to 7oz

Link to Build Instructions

Link To RCGroups WMPF Owners Page